Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are what we do

We are what we do...this is so true. If only more people would realise this. Every little thing we do say something about us, and shows to the people around us who and what we are. It shows whether we have character, integrity or if we can be trusted or not etc. The saying: actions speak louder than words are so true.

Some people always say the right thing, but by observing them you realise it is all talk and no action. It is an act they have perfected over many years. Even the smallest thing we think nobody even notices can change the way they see us.

I am not saying we should put an act on just to get people to like us, but we should always keep in mind that how we act says a lot about the person we are and that our words will not change the world. Only our actions will. We should also not do things so others will like us, but do them for ourselves even if nobody notices. Only then you will find true happiness.


  1. So true. "A reputation takes years to build, but can be ruined is a second." Life seems to be all about reputation and people seem to be so judgemental and negatice, but are also surprised when they see that what they have judged is not real, but what they have conjured up in their minds.
    When a person starts caring about themselves more and stops worrying about everything around them, they find true happiness.

  2. Most people like it to be liked. So I think it is important to think before just do.

    It is sometimes fun to just do, but normally the next morning we all wish that we could turn back time. Why not just do the right thing in the beginning?