Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How do you step from the top of a 100-foot pole?

My first answer to this would be – you don’t. But if you find yourself on top of a 100-foot pole and you have no choice, you have to get down; well I would say that you would definitely need help. This is impossible to do on your own and so many people think that they can do everything themselves and that leads to their downfall. We so badly want the world and the people around us to see us as strong and able to stand on our own two feet, not needing anyone, but the truth is we cannot always only rely on ourselves. Humans were not created to be alone. We need to put our trust in others and ask for help when we need it. That is the only way we will “survive” in all aspects of our lives, that being in our love-life, work environment or just in everyday life. So if we find ourselves on top of a 100-foot pole and we need to get down, we should not be afraid to call for help and take the hand that is given to us. It is ok to sometimes need someone else and put your trust in someone else.


  1. I agree with you. They say two heads are better than one. We don't need to be always strong and do things alone. We do not always like all our challenges in the world and to solve the challenges with someone on your side makes it easier and more fun.

    We only have one life, we must enjoy every moment, and to step from the 100-foot pole with someone on your side, can make it more fun.

  2. I agree with this, although it is difficult to trust in the unknown.We are so afraid of being dissapointed. We are so afraid of seeming desperate, to proud to ask for help.In the instance of a hundred poot pole, that pride can stand in the way of you gatting down.