Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No all who wander are lost

Some people choose to wander, that not meaning that they are lost. Dreamers choose to take the other road, see what is out there. It is boring to take the road everyone else takes and the one that will get you there soonest. Sometimes it is necessary to stray a bit and take the other road. Wonder around a bit, see what else is out there; open yourself up to new things and new experiences. I for one more often choose to wander around a bit before I reach a destination and although that have gotten me into trouble many times, I do not regret it. I have always managed to find the right road again, learnt a valuable lesson, been on a journey, experienced new things I never would have if I did not take the chance. At the end I never found myself to be lost, maybe for a minute but never for long. We need to wander, that is what makes the little things in life worth it and only then we find that something extra we are looking for, that thing that makes life fun and worth living.


  1. I was thinking what to write for my blog when I saw yours, I do agree with you, it doesn't mean if you wander that you are lost, it only means that you are looking and searching for something more, your making sure you know everything that is out there before you go to the correct destination where you are suppose to go. But if we always just go and do what everyone else what us to do and expect of us, how boring would our lives not be!

  2. I totally agree; most of the great discoveries in life were made by people who were wandering and just happened to discover something. The world will be lost without wanderers!