Monday, September 7, 2009

Personal Autonomy - How far does it extend?

Personal Autonomy defined means “self-directing freedom and especially moral dependence.” Other words for it is: free will and self determination Medical

Basically what this means, is that Personal Autonomy is how one makes decision when it comes to how they should live their lives, according to each individual’s moral context.

This will be different for each and every person, depending on how you were brought up, what religion you are and your personal frame of reference.

I for example, was brought up a Christian, so with everything I do in life; I strive to do what is right in the eye of God. All my decisions are based on this and what is right and wrong according to the Bible. This is just my way of making decisions, but each person will be different according to what they see to be right and wrong. Thus, the extend to each person’s personal autonomy, will differ.

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