Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Bunch of animals" This is just one of the comments on the CPUT strikes. What is yours?

The strikes at CPUT are really getting worst each year. This is my fourth year now at CPUT – Cape Town campus, so I had the “luxury” of experiencing these strikes first hand. This year, was the worst. It ended in me, not having class for a whole week, because it was too dangerous to go to class.

This is not the way things are done. If you want to strike about something do it in an ordered, legal way. These people are the future of our country, and they way they behaved gave me a fright for the future. They raided the canteen, steeling food and breaking down. The canteen is privately owned, it does not even have anything to do with CPUT. They broke windows, disrupted class, assaulted students, and mugged others. This is unacceptable. What excuse do they have for this? It has nothing to do with getting your point across, it is plainly barbaric.

There are ways certain things are done, and the CPUT strikes are not the right way. It is getting way out of hand. These students need to rethink what they did and realise that it is not the civilised way of doing things. They would have gained more respect if they protested in a legal and ordered way. Instead they threw a tantrum like a two-year old and lost a lot of respect from other students on the campus. I was disgusted when I saw photos on the internet of how these students were behaving. I understand why they were unhappy and wanted to strike, I am just saying there are better ways of doing things. It is the way I was brought up.

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