Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watch this space...

The other day someone mentioned that every person these days who studied Public Relations start their own PR consultancy. This probably is true, it feels like every second PR students feels that they one day will have their own consultancy.

I also would like to work for myself one day, who would not, especially when you want to start with a family. It would be nice to have more flexible hours, especially in the days we are living in. We hardly get time for ourselves anymore, when we add the hours that we sit in traffic, even less. That is probably the main reason I want to start my own thing, apart from the excitement, the money and all that other extras. But I would like to be able to cut out that morning and afternoon traffic. That does not mean that I would not work during those times, I would just do it at home and go into the office a little bit later.

The most important thing when starting a business is motivation, working hard and obviously a creative idea. I am definitely not just going to start another PR consultancy. Luckily for us, the PR course we are taking opens so many doors for us. We do not have to stick only to PR. So watch this space, this girl is going places...


  1. Aah Lizanne, it sounds like you have it all figured out!!! Who wouldn't want to be their own boss and work for themselves?

    It is so true, we bearly have enough time in the day to do half the things we want to! Working for oneself would definately allow one more freeedom!

    Good luck with your ideas, maybe I will be knocking on your door one day for a job!

  2. Lizanne and Tamara I agree with you two. It sounds good to be your own boss.

    I also agree with you that PR have many doors for us to choose from.
    I think with so many doors to choose, it makes the decision little bit harder. Hopefully we all will end up at the right door. It sounds to me that you know which door you want to open for yourself.

    Maybe we must go in a partnership? Two heads are better than one.