Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If I were the boss...

If I were the boss...

- I would create a fun environment where employees are not afraid to share ideas
- I would have and encourage a sense of humour
- I would give everyone something on Valentine’s Day as well as on their Birthdays to make them feel special and show that I care
- I would not pick sides
- I would not have favourites
- I would listen to what everyone has to say and try and be available at all times if anyone needs my help
- I would allow Facebook
- I would never just shot down ideas without explaining why, or belittle someone
- I would value honesty, integrity, creativity, and employees who go that extra mile
- I would have no time for dishonesty, laziness or employees going behind my back
- I would leave my problems and bad moods at home
- I would respect my employees
- I would expect employees to respect me
- I would realise that employees are people too, and make mistakes, but will expect of them to be honest about it and try their best to fix it

On a lighter note

- I would sleep late every once in a while
- I would take a Monday off once in a while
- I would not go to work on my Birthday
- I would take lunch more than an hour and not feel guilty
- I would come in a bit later and work a bit later (my own hours)
- I would take "goodie bags" for all my friends after events
- I would take leave when I feel like it

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