Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It is better to practice a little than talk a lot

An important lesson I have learned in life is that we need to talk less and practice more. I am kind of a dreamer and that tends to me always having a lot of plans, but only speaking about is will not get it done. I have disappointed myself numerous times with this kind of attitude, letting myself done. We need to start acting on those plans, even if it is a bit extreme. Otherwise life is going to pass us by and we are going to be disappointed when we are old and grey and realise that we did not reach our dreams and goals because we were all talk and no action. Even if you only start with a small action, it is a start to reaching self-fulfilment.

Work wise this is very important. When you are all talk, always having brilliant ideas at meetings to impress your boss and others, but you never act on those ideas or always leave the hard work to someone else, you will definitely lose the respect from your co-workers. This will end up with you not reaching your goals careers wise. People will not promote you if this is the kind of person you are and the characteristics you possess.

So rather practice a little and talk less, or event stop talking about what you want to do and just do it. This way you will reach your personal and work goals and earn respect not only from others, but from yourself as well. Then you will sit back one day when you’re old, with a huge smile on your face, knowing that you achieved everything you possibly could.

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