Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Respond to Designer PR

While reading Ms Pike's blog on designer PR, I really started thinking about it. It is true, PR really is going places. When I look back, a good 10 years ago, my sister really wanted to study PR. She was told that basically it is a "glorified secretary", a term I have come to hate since the "older", clearly uninformed generation still think is what I am studying to become. But what they don't know is that although there is a lot of admin, PR is so much more and such an exciting field to be in.

With technology developing at such a rapid pace PR is becoming more and more exciting. As Ms Pike mentioned PR is all about conversation and building and maintaining relationships through communication and that Advertising is taking a back seat to PR these days. This means it is our time to shine and there are so many ways in which we can do this.

I am really excited about entering this industry next year and start making use of all the opportunities, although there is still so much that I need to learn. I mean, I did not even know about Twitter. As a PR these days you need to be aware and on top of all the new social and technological trends in order to make a success of your carreer.


  1. We as PR practitioners most definitely have the opportunity to become leaders of the pack in our industry!Our generation is equiped with numerous technological resources which enables us to tap into various aspects of the market and reach an even wider scope of target audiences.With all these resources at our disposal-how can we fail??"Leaders of innovation"-that is what we should strive to be!!

  2. I think we as Public Relations practioners can achiev this by letting go of the rules and regulations set out in textbooks. In the current stage of the world we are living in, PR must shift to a creative, exciting and tehnologically advanced way of thinking. Hers to becoming the 'leaders of innovation.'

  3. I agree with you, with today's technology, building relationships in the business industry is much more faster and affective. With all the resources we have , we as PR practitioners must be more creative and achieve things that no one ever has done. I also think in this generation we have lots op opportunities that we can use to our own benefit and become real PR leaders